Ryan was born with a rare genetic skin disorder called Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa (JEB or EB). This disorder is characterized by a missing protein in the skin that is vital in adhering the layers of skin together. Simply put, Ryan lacks the 'velcro' that keeps his skin together. There are several different "forms" of EB, and they are described by severity of the condition.

Ryan has a moderate to severe form of EB. In Junctional EB, the protein in the middle layer of the skin is absent. Because of this, he can be afflicted with deep blistering and wounds, which are often painful. In this type of EB (and most others), it is very difficult to heal, so many children and adults suffer from chronic wounds.

Impressive Stats

Current Mission: eb aWARENESS


Player Name: Captain America

Start Date: 2007

Rank: Purple Heart Recipient 

Level: Super Top